What Is The Legal Definition Of Harassment ?  

Harassment may be defined as a repeated methodical action that is done by a person or group of people with an intention to annoy or create threat and demands on another person or group of people. The reason to harass can be different. It could be due to racial prejudice, personal differences, asking sexual favors, forcing someone to quit a job, putting illegitimate pressure for demanding debts, unwanted romantic expression, stalking, or sometimes just a sadistic pleasure arising by making somebody feel fearful and anxious. Harassment can mean lawsuit if it intends to blackmail a person or it demands something out of him in return.

The victim of harassment can take the shelter of law by receiving restraining order wherein the harasser is prevented from having any form of contact with the victim. When an employee complains about a co-worker for harassment and the employer fails to address the problem and take necessary actions, the employee has a right to sue the employer.

A common type of harassment is sexual harassment which can often be termed as a sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment results when unwanted sexual gestures or attention is created. Obscene remarks, jokes, interfering in one’s private life, and intentional physical contact without consent of the individual, all these constitute sexual harassment.

Racial harassment involves any offensive behavior by a particular race of person or group of people towards another race of person or group. It includes insulting, jokes, and/or ridiculing cultural dissimilarities.

Stalking, creditor’s harassment and simply bullying are some other kinds of harassment.

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What Is The Legal Definition Of Harassment ?

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What Is The Legal Definition Of Harassment ? )
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