What Happens To People Who Commit Identity Theft ?  

Nearly nine million Americans are affected by identity theft crimes every year. The culprit can use personal information to get credit cards and/or checks, or even buy an apartment or a cellular connection using the victim’s identity and bank details.

With increasing number of transactions being performed online, it has become very easy for fraudsters to gain access to crucial information. In order to step up the security, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act was passed in the year 2003. According to this Act, every individual can get a free credit report from the three main credit report agencies on an annual basis. This helps the person get a detailed account about his transactions helping him detect any unsolicited transactions that have occurred without his knowledge.

To decrease the seriousness of the crime, the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act was passed in the year 2004. In this, the severity and seriousness of the issue are clearly discussed and the appropriate guidelines stated.

In numerous states, the severity of the sentencing would depend on the severity of the crime committed. A low-level crime would amount a five-year punishment. Person committing a more serious crime would even serve 30 years imprisonment. If identity theft were used to commit crimes against the state or the country, a severe and harsh punishment can be meted out. In most cases, the person should be convicted within five years of committing the crime. After 5 years, the crime becomes invalid even with sufficient evidence. In certain states, the crime is valid even after 5 years.

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What Happens To People Who Commit Identity Theft ?

8-Types-Of-Identity-Theft      Identity theft is something which can turn to be very terrifying for those who have been affected by it. With your personal information, an identity thief can do a whole lot of crimes like opening bank accounts or new lines of credit, obtaining a driving license, buying a car, or even getting loans and mortgages. Financial losses due to identity theft can take many years to recover from. More..




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What Happens To People Who Commit Identity Theft ? )
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