Effects Of Kidnapping  

Kidnapping is keeping a person in confinement, against his or her wishes, for ransom.

         More generally, kidnapping is keeping a person in false imprisonment, which means keeping in captivity without having any authority to do so. Kidnapping is carried out for different purposes, including monetary gain, gaining custody etc.It is a very traumatic experience for the victim and can lead to adverse psychological effects.

Effects of Kidnapping on Victims:

  • Trauma - The trauma caused by the experience of confinement and apparent danger can lead to the victim developing insecurities and phobias.
  • Stockholm Syndrome - Sometimes victims start showing signs of loyalty towards the kidnappers as a psychological response to the situation. Sometimes, victims even defend the actions of the kidnappers even after being freed.

Effects of Kidnapping on Kidnappers:

  • Lima syndrome - If the kidnappers keep their victims in captivity for a prolonged period of time, they start becoming sympathetic towards their victims. This is almost the exact opposite of Stockholm Syndrome. Out of sympathy, the kidnappers start giving in to the victim's needs.
  • Effects of kidnapping can vary from person to person. Children may be more susceptible to psychological disorders as a consequence of captivity. The duration of captivity and also the conditions under which the victim is kept determines what effect it will have. The kidnappers also may get affected by the victims. Mutual sympathy may be an effect of kidnapping especially when the victim and perpetrator are in each other's presence for long; this happens when imprisonment is long.

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Effects Of Kidnapping

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