Kidnapping Statistics In America  

As per statistics, the kidnapping capital of America is Phoenix. Phoenix witnessed 370 kidnapping cases (reported cases) last year, and stands second in the world after Mexico.


Many new investigations discovered that if the victim’s family did not pay the ransom within the given time, the perpetrators chopped-off legs, hands and even heads. Kidnappings have even resulted in physical assault.According to the American Department of Justice, the total number of kidnapping cases was almost 2 percent of the total violent crimes that was done against teenagers.

            In America, the risk of kidnapping increases with the increase in age for the age group 10-35 years and decreases after 35 years of age. According to the identity of the kidnapper, kidnapping is broadly categorized into family kidnapping, acquaintance kidnapping and stranger kidnapping. In America, 49 percent of the total number of kidnappings is done by a family member, including parents, while only 24 percent of the total is done by strangers. The total number of acquaintance kidnappings amount to 24 percent.

          According to the United States Missing Child Statistics, a child is missing every 40 seconds, and almost 800,000 children are reported to be missing every year. Countries like Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia witness the most number of kidnappings in the Americas. Due to the increase in number of kidnappings every year, the Colombian government has built up strategies with which the total number of kidnappings in the country has decreased tremendously. As per available statistics, the total kidnapping decreased from 3,572 in 2000 to 521 in 2007.

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Kidnapping Statistics In America

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