What Is A Class 3 Misdemeanor ?  

A misdemeanor is considered to be a criminal act of lesser nature. When a person is person is convicted of a misdemeanor, his punishment is usually less severe than that meted out for felony but more than an infraction, also known as a regulatory offense.

But what is a class 3 misdemeanor? In the United States, a misdemeanor is a crime that is punishable with jail time of up to 1 year. There are three categories of misdemeanor and they are Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Out of these three categories, Class 1 misdemeanor is the most serious one and Class 3 misdemeanor is the least serious. The maximum punishment for Class 3 misdemeanor is fine of up to $500 and 30 days in jail.

Usually when a person is a first time offender, he will be slapped with a fine by the court. Jail time is served by habitual or repeat offenders. However, it must be mentioned that if you are arrested for the first time on marijuana possession, you most certainly will end up serving 30 days jail time as is many states like Virginia marijuana possession is an unclassified misdemeanor.

And if you are a first time offender, you are lucky because after waiting for a year, you can get the misdemeanor expunged from your records so that no one in future will find out about your criminal history. One of the reasons first time misdemeanor offenders opt for expungement is because they can lose their professional license, public office or employment, be denied insurance or credit facilities, they may not be able to rent a home or they may not be gainfully employed due to their criminal background.

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What Is A Class 3 Misdemeanor

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What Is A Class 3 Misdemeanor ? )
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