Perjury Penalties For Lying  

Usually in civil and criminal cases, expert witnesses are called to testify for both the defendant and the plaintiff. It has been seen that the so-called experts are more interested in furthering their own interests through their testimony. So, does that mean that these experts are committing perjury?

When it comes to perjury laws, all states have them and perjury is seen as intentionally giving a false statement or testimony under oath during a judicial procedure.

For a statement to been deemed a lie or false, it has to relevant to the case. For example, if a witness lies about his age and that is not an important part of the case, the witness can be charged with perjury.

When it comes to civil and criminal cases, the witness or the defendant is first sworn under oath to the truth and nothing but the truth. If the witness or the defendant thereafter deliberately and intentionally makes false statements to misrepresent the truth, it is considered as perjury, which is a criminal offense. It is also unlawful to encourage a person to commit perjury and this is known as subornation of perjury.

So, what are the penalties for perjury and lying under oath? Each state has its own laws for perjury and the penalties are decided based on these laws. However, if a person is charged and convicted of perjury, he is looking at imprisonment and paying huge amounts in fines.

The federal government has different laws for perjury and under these laws a person can be imprisoned for up to 5 years along with paying substantial amount in fines. The same penalties are also given if a person is convicted for subornation of perjury.

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Perjury Penalties For Lying

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