What Is Perjury ?  

The word perjury, in the 21st century has gone from being somewhat of a legal mystery to a common phrase which has made its way into homes around the world.

This is because perjury cases involving prominent citizens have sprung up over the last ten years and have taken the world by surprise.

Notable public figures like Jeffrey Archer, sportswoman Marion Jones and TV personality Martha Stewart have all been convicted of perjury, while former President Bill Clinton and baseball start Barry Bonds were accused of this same crime. For those unaware of the term, here is a brief explanation on What Is Perjury ?.

Perjury is the act of lying under oath in a judicial proceeding, but only if the lie affects the outcome of the case. It is also called forswearing, but forswearing implies taking a false oath to tell the truth during a judicial proceeding. For instance, lying about your monthly income under oath is not perjury, since it does not affect the outcome of the proceedings, unless you are involved in an insurance related or some other financial case. One can be accused for perjury even if you have not been sworn in, but lie under penalty of perjury which is tantamount to an oath.

Also, you cannot be accused of perjury unless there is intent to commit the act and the act is actually committed. This is because people unintentionally man interpret facts wrongly or unknowingly make false statements or inaccurate recollections about events which are not meant to affect the case, but inordinately do. So without the intent to willfully lie under oath, perjury cannot be committed.

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What Is Perjury

Effect-Of-Perjury-On-Court-Case      Perjury is an offense which has a significant influence on a court case. Perjury is the act of lying under oath during a judicial proceeding. Also, someone can be accused and convicted of perjury, only if the lie affects the outcome of the proceeding. Hence, perjury always does affect the outcome of the court case, or it wouldn’t be termed as perjury in the first place. Here are some of the effects of perjury on court case. More..




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