Different Types Of Robbery  

Robbery is a crime that involves seizing something of value from a person or persons that are in custody of the same. A robber uses force or a threat of force to scare the person into handing over the valuables.

            There are several different types of robberies. A few types are explained as follows:

  • Armed Robbery: If the robber uses a weapon to commit the crime it is classified as an armed robbery. Armed robberies are viewed very seriously by the law, and a judge is likely to convict you with a higher class of felony if a weapon was used. Nowadays the weapons used consist of guns, knives and other objects that cause bodily harm to a victim. A gun is the most commonly used weapon, since they are easy to procure and even easier to use.
  • Strong-Armed Robbery: A surprisingly large number of robberies are committed using strong arm techniques. Though there is no actual weapon used, the sequence of events is as follows. Either one very large individual or two or more individuals surround the victim in a lonely place and threaten to use force unless he submits quietly. They grab all his valuables and then, to prevent him from following them, incapacitate him using brute strength. A mugging is a good example of a strong-armed robbery, though sometimes the mugger uses a gun.
  • Home Invasion Robbery: This is a situation where the robber enters a home by force and forces the homeowner into submission. All the valuables, including appliances and jewelry are seized. 

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Different Types Of Robbery

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Different Types Of Robbery )
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