Alcohol Abuse And Sexual Assault  

Alcohol abuse and sexual assault are two common terms that are associated with several problems like domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Often alcohol is the precursor for both abuse and sexual assault. However, these kinds of things happen with people who are habitually alcoholics. People who suffer the most because of this kind of violence are women and children. The prevalence of both the kind of abuse is high in the society.

However, most of the violence goes unreported, and they crop up amidst domestic issues. In several cases, where the violence has occurred, the couples often patch up later and they do not report the incidents. Alcoholics usually turn violent as a habitual case. Psychologists have found a connection between alcohol and violence, and why a person tends to get angrier under the influence of alcohol. After interviewing several criminals and rapists it was found that most of the people were addicted to alcohol.

          Abuse of spouse under the influence of alcohol is one of the most common occurrences in many families. However, when this type of abuse is along term one it has several side effects on people who under go it and also secondary targets like children. It has severe effects on their self confidence and self respect. Also, often in the case of a sexual assault or an alcohol abuse there is no perpetrator, and the person under the influence of alcohol is already in a rage. In the state of mental confusion, they often ill treat others and sometimes even take to murder.

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Alcohol Abuse And Sexual Assault

Alcohol-And-Sexual-Assault      Alcohol and sexual assault happen together most of the times. According to research, nearly 30 percent of the reported cases of sexual abuse are associated with alcohol. The perpetrator was found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of abuse. When a person drinks alcohol, he behaves more freely and there is no logic governing his actions. The same person may not be capable of a sexual assault without the influence of alcohol. More..




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Alcohol Abuse And Sexual Assault )
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