Alcohol And Sexual Assault  

Alcohol and sexual assault happen together most of the times. According to research, nearly 30 percent of the reported cases of sexual abuse are associated with alcohol.

The perpetrator was found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of abuse. When a person drinks alcohol, he behaves more freely and there is no logic governing his actions. The same person may not be capable of a sexual assault without the influence of alcohol.

However, under the influence of alcohol, the person stops questioning themselves morally, and they act how they want to otherwise. Most people, for example, do not say what they would like to say to any person directly. However, under the influence of alcohol, the moral policing does not happen and the person talks however they want to talk. Sometimes bottled up anger also comes out.

       So, a person under the influence of alcohol can easily avoid the boundaries or sexual limitations and they end up abusing the person. Almost in 99 percent of the cases of sexual assault a woman is a victim. Also, if a person has been a habitual alcoholic, then the chances of sexual assault increases.

        Alcohol has a damaging effect on the psychology of a person from a long term point of view. A person may behave like an alcoholic even when normal. Also, a common habit is the perpetrators of who commit sexual assault often do it only when they are awake. However, why a person turns violent under the influence of alcohol is a major concern.

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Alcohol And Sexual Assault

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Alcohol And Sexual Assault )
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