Child Sexual Assault Statistics  

Everyday we read in the newspapers about minor children being raped and murdered or sexually abused by all kinds of people like stepfathers, teachers and neighbors.

Children being impressionable and innocent at the same time easily fall prey to sexual assault or abuse. In nearly 90 percent of cases of sexual assault and/or sexual abuse on children, it is one of their own family members doing it. In most cases, it is the father or the stepfather.The children are often scared to talk about it and they develop other psychological problems as a result. The statistics of child sexual assault and abuse is increasing every day.

Children often do not report the incidents of sexual assaults or abuse even to their own family. They are scared and emotionally threatened of the disclosure. They also think that something is wrong with them and that is why the assault took place. Also, sexual assault takes place with children who are being neglected in the family. A watchful parent may never let that happen. Very few cases come to the notice of the right authorities, and also among the known cases, very few parents are willing to talk about it openly. Only a person who wants to take the abuser to the court and get them the right kind of punishment puts the right foot forward. Otherwise in most of the cases of child abuse it is a hush and hush scenario.

Examples of some of the child sexual assault statistics are as follows:

Statistics of Proven Child Abuse In The Year 2000:

879,000 children were casualties of child maltreatment.

Neglect - 63 percent

Physical - 19 percent

Sexual - 10 percent

Psychological - 8 percent

The rate of victimization declined as the age of the children increased. Birth to 3

years old - 15.7 victims per 1,000

Ages 16 and 17 - 5.7 victims per 1,000

         Other than sexual abuse, the rates of other child assault were similar for male and female children. The rate of sexual abuse was 11.2 for male children per 1,000 children and 12.8 for female children per 1,000 children.

Rate of sexual abuse when gender is taken into consideration:

1.7 victims per 1,000 female children

0.4 victims per 1,000 male children

Rate of child abuse based on race:

White - 51 percent

African American - 25 percent

Hispanic - 15 percent

American Indian and/or Alaska Natives - 2 percent

Asian/Pacific Islanders - 1 percent

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Child Sexual Assault Statistics

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