Definition Of Sexual Assault  

Most of us think that sexual assault means getting raped. However, very few of us can define it accurately and understand the meaning of it.

          A sexual assault need not be only rape. Also a sexual advance is a form of sexual assault. It is very important to understand the right meaning, so that we can take action on time. In fact, every woman has undergone some level of sexual assault in her life in one way or the other.Sexual assault takes place when the act of assaulting sexually is premeditated and committed under the following circumstances:

  • Using physical force, intimidation, violence or threat
  • Not paying heed to the person's objections
  • Using alcohol or drugs to impair or intoxicate the person and then taking advantage
  • Taking advantage of the person's helplessness, inability to give consent or incapacitation

          So, based on the circumstances where sexual assault can occur, it clearly indicates that even making other advances which amount to the act of sex when you do not have the ability to understand like you have been drugged or you are under the influence of alcohol is also considered as a sexual assault. When you say no and if a person forces you to have sex with him, it is a case of sexual assault. This person can be your husband or boyfriend or live-in partner.

          Having or trying to have sex against the will of a person is considered as sexual assault. A rape is an act where the person is forced into sex.

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Definition Of Sexual Assault

Juvenile-Crime-Of-Sexual-Assault      Until now most people thought that only grown up men are capable of committing sexual assaults and abuse. However, that is not true, and there are several juveniles who are capable of sexual assault too. A juvenile is a person who is aged somewhere from 14 to 18 years of age. Sexual assaults in this category take place on younger girls, or sometimes on grown women too. Juveniles are found to be growingly violent and we often come across cases where school kids have shot their own classmates or school mates. More..




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