Immobility Response To Sexual Assault  

When a rape occurs, one of the first signs that police look for is resistance, and when these signs are not present, it becomes quite difficult to convince investigators that a rape has occurred. In addition, it has also been noticed when a sexual assault victim does not have adequate signs of resistance, the victim is treated indifferently by the medical personnel.

While most states in the United States have removed resistance standards from their law, it is still plays a big role when it comes to jury verdict. Usually where a victim resists, harsher sentences are meted out to the offender. In addition, the victims are also judged by family and friends based on the resistance they demonstrated during the sexual assault.

However, psychologists say immobility response to sexual assault is a fact and this should not be undermined or ignored. Many rape victims have claimed that they became paralyzed and were unable to move or resist the assault. As a result many victims end up blaming themselves feeling that they did not do enough to stop the attack.

Immobility response to sexual assault is an involuntary and reflexive response. This usually is displayed when a person is in an extremely fearful situation that involves threat and/or restraint. Initially most victims of sexual assault struggle but after some time they go into a catatonic-like state where the screams stop, trembling increases, heart rate drops, body temperature and respiration increases and there are periods of eye closure.

However, immobility response to sexual assault has not been studied very thoroughly but psychologists and researchers feel that when a victim freezes during the assault it could be due to tonic immobility.

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Immobility Response To Sexual Assault

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