Pregnancy From Sexual Assault  

A sexual assault is a case where the victim does not have a choice and is forced into a sexual intercourse.

So the woman or the teenager is completely unaware of what to expect and there is a high possibility that she might get pregnant. However, one should always visit a gynecologist soon after a sexual assault for several reasons. One is to rule out any possible injuries in the lower abdomen area and also to rule out a pregnancy.

         Doctors do not discuss the issue with law enforcement if the patient does not wish to. So, when a sexual assault has taken place, whether you choose to report the matter or not, a pregnancy test is conducted on all women who are capable of getting pregnant. This is to rule out the chances. Also, when a woman is pregnant the case of sexual assault can be easily pinned down because of the DNA test.

          For several sexually active women, pregnancy is a fearful thought. Women do not want to get pregnant when they are unprepared for it. It can be one of the worst nightmares they have to live through. There are other emotional repercussions and psychological effects associated with unprepared pregnancies. Also, a woman has a choice to terminate a pregnancy that she does not wish to keep. In case of sexual assault, it can be done with immediate effect. However, due to the lack of awareness women, who suffer a sexual assault, often ignore the possibility of pregnancy and only realize it when it is too late.

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Pregnancy From Sexual Assault

Protocol-For-Sexual-Assault      Sexual assault is a very commonly occurring scenario due to the increasing rate of violence in the society. Sexual violence continues at multiple levels in our society and has destroyed several lives including the ones of the children. In some cases, the act of sexual violence gets reported, while in other cases it goes unnoticed as the victim does not wish to pursue the case. Unless a case is reported, there is no way of knowing that a sexual assault even occurred. More..




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Pregnancy From Sexual Assault )
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