Protocol For Sexual Assault  

Sexual assault is a very commonly occurring scenario due to the increasing rate of violence in the society.

Sexual violence continues at multiple levels in our society and has destroyed several lives including the ones of the children. In some cases, the act of sexual violence gets reported, while in other cases it goes unnoticed as the victim does not wish to pursue the case. Unless a case is reported, there is no way of knowing that a sexual assault even occurred.

Once a case of sexual assault has been registered the investigation starts. If the victim can recognize the person, the case becomes straight forward and evidence against the victim is collected. Tests are conducted on the victim and it is sent to forensic lab for reports. In case the victim cannot recognize the abuser, then the case gets complicated and also long drawn. It may take a lot of time to pin down the abuser.

         In cases of rape, the victim is under a lot of pressure and may not even recognize the people who raped her. Unless the forensic evidence can prove a sexual assault, the case is not termed as one. The argument comes where the law has to draw a line between a sexual assault and intentional sex. Some women, who have sex under the influence of alcohol or even willingly, may later come around and complain of a sexual assault. That is why the forensic evidence is given a lot of importance in the case of sexual assault.

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Protocol For Sexual Assault

Punishment-For-Sexual-Assault      Punishment for sexual assault could be severe, and it is always the judge who decides it. One of the most important conditions to punish a person for sexual assault is the proof that the person is to blame. The judge can put off the case for a couple of weeks depending on the complications. More..




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Protocol For Sexual Assault )
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