Psychosocial Consequences Of Sexual Assault  

Sexual assault is a persistent problem faced by women today. Every year, there are 500,000 cases of rapes and sexual assaults on females aged 12 years and older. This figure is given by the National Crime Victimization Study.

Numerous studies have shown that sexual assault has been associated with psychosocial relational outcomes. It can have significant physical, social and psychological consequences.

Psychological Consequences of Sexual Assault:
Sexual assault can cause severe trauma-related mental disorders that may affect victims for years. Women who have been sexually assaulted reported higher levels of depression. Sexually assaulted women are also at a high risk of suicide. According to a study by Erickson and Rapkin in 1991, adult females, who have been sexually victimized, exhibit symptoms of depression more than other females.  Research has also revealed that of 69 female rape victims, 29 percent reported moderate to severe depression, 21 percent reported mild to moderate depression, 11 percent reported severe depression, and 40 percent reported minimum depression.

Women who report sexual assault have also shown feelings of anger and hostility. Adult females who were sexually coerced reported greater levels of anger and hostility, while young adult women reported anger than others who were not coerced. In a number of studies sexual assault has also being linked to lower self esteem.

Social Consequences of Sexual Assault:

The social consequences of sexual assaults can be severe. Women may experience social death. In other words, women maybe isolated or ostracized within their community after the assault. Due to poor criminal justice procedures, the victim is put on trail instead of her assailant leading to stigma and shame.

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Psychosocial Consequences Of Sexual Assault

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Psychosocial Consequences Of Sexual Assault )
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