Sexual Assault In Culturally Diverse Populations  

Anyone can be sexually assaulted at any given time. Victims of sexual assault are not just restricted to young people; even infants or seniors can be assaulted. Sexual assault in culturally diverse populations is a fact and people of color, people with disabilities, lesbians, gays and people from every race, ethnic, religious and social backgrounds can be sexually assaulted.

However, it has been seen that when it comes to sexual assault in culturally diverse populations, certain factors may stop the victim from reporting the crime and/or seeking help of the police. That is why it is important to understand culture and backgrounds of groups in culturally diverse populations. For some victims, it is a cultural shame to have been sexually assaulted, some victims may not be willing to prosecute the offender because of the negative experience they may have had with the police, while others may not be able to communicate effectively in English.

Culturally diverse populations are a fact of today's society and that is why many agencies are employing bilingual staff and interpreters to help victims of sexual assault. This way an effective mode of communication can be established with non-English speaking victims.

Today, we know more about sexual assault than we did a couple of decades ago. This new knowledge helps us understand how victims are persecuted and how history of mutual distrust between certain communities and law enforcement can have a bearing now how victims approach the police. However, police departments are making efforts in the US to reach out to different communities by working with neighborhood associations and local civic organizations to facilitate services and address issues like sexual assault. And, this has started to show results as more and more victims are stepping forward to report the offense to the police.

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Sexual Assault In Culturally Diverse Populations

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Sexual Assault In Culturally Diverse Populations )
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