Sexual Assault Of Males  

The common consensus is that only women go through sexual assault and mostly men are easily believed as the perpetrator.

          However, it is a shocking revelation that even men are being exposed to sexual assaults on all levels and it is not only the women. There are growing reports of sexual abuse on men.Previously men would be silent about the sexual assault by their women counterparts, and even have ego problems admitting to it. However, due to the legal actions that follow in the due course and being alleged for sexual assaults, men are left with no choice but to bring it out in the open that they are the victims of sexual assault by women.

           The statistics on all categories like women sexual abuse, child abuse and men sexual abuse are controversial and arguable. How many cases are reported and how many are true in the gravity of the issue is doubted. Women can assault men and actually blame the men for it. It is very possible, and since women are considered as the weaker sex, the accusation is easily believed. There are men who are innocent in a sexual abuse case and still convicted for it.

           Until sound evidence is provided for a sexual abuse case nothing can be proven against either of the sex. Most of the sexual abuse on men takes place in an office environment. Men with female bosses are as susceptible to sexual abuse as much as women with male bosses. That is the fact of the matter.

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Sexual Assault Of Males

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Sexual Assault Of Males )
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