Sexual Assault On Infant  

Infants are completely dependant on adults for their very survival and everything else.

          They are the most vulnerable for all kind of assaults, including sexual ones. In some cases of sexual assaults on infants, the babies die. This kind of sexual assault is not differentiated by gender. We live in a society where we entrust our babies in care of other adults. However, how many of us actually know what this adult is capable of? There are habitual sexual abusers who are known and some are not known until they are caught. Infants have to go to daycare centers because of the various work pressures we deal with.

        Also, the case of sexual abuse on infants goes unnoticed because most parents do not know what is going on.

         An infant up to the age of three cannot talk or express. Also, even if children can talk, they are not capable of understanding what they are going through until they are 7 or 8 years old. A visit to the pediatrician sometimes reveals this horrendous fact and the parents feel betrayed unable to find answers how they let this happen to their child.

        The most possible circumstance for such an incident to occur is in the daycare center or by the caregiver of the baby. In case of male babies, there is no way even a pediatrician could know of what is going on.

       People who resort to such horrendous acts have serious problems with their mental abilities and also would need psychiatric counseling.

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Sexual Assault On Infant

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Sexual Assault On Infant )
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