Sexual Assaults In Military Statistics  

In the military field, sexual assault can be defined as any unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature whereas rape means an unwanted oral, vaginal, or anal penetration using fingers or other objects or intercourse using force or threat of force. The effects of sexual assault, rape and sexual harassment leads to trauma.

According to studies done by the Veterans Administration, one in three women in the military have been sexually assaulted whereas one in 10 men are raped in the military. In 2007, 2,212 rapes were reported in the military. But, surprisingly, only 8 percent of the cases were subjected to prosecution in the form of court martial.

In a survey of 3,757 persons on 14 military installations, 103 reported to have been sexually assaulted. According to Lt. Gen. Rochelle, about 12 percent of reported rapes are of male serving in the military.

Some more disturbing statistics on sexual assault in the military:

  1. There are about 2,947 sexual assaults reported in the year 2006
  2. The number of sexual violence by service members were reported to be 1,167 in 2006
  3. There are several cases of sexual trauma, assault or rape in the National Guard and Military Reserves

According to studies, here are some startling statistics on sexual assaults in the military:

  • 11 percent women have experienced rape whereas 1.2 percent of men have reported sexual assault in the form of rape.
  • About 3.5 percent men and 23 percent women have experienced military sexual assault.
  • 60 percent of women and 27 percent of men in the Military Reserves and National Guard have experienced military sexual trauma.

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Sexual Assaults In Military Statistics

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