Signs Of Sexual Assault In Toddlers  

While it is unbelievable that sexual assault against a toddler can occur, no one should forget that anyone can become a victim. Infants, toddlers, youngsters, adults, seniors, lesbians, gays, and people with disabilities are all potential targets when it comes to sexual assault.

However, when it comes to a toddler, you should look for signs of sexual assault as most toddlers do not have the communication skills and will not be able to understand what they have endured is not normal. The good thing is that there are several behavioral indicators that work as signs of sexual assault in toddlers.

Signs of Sexual Assault in Toddlers:

  • Regression: This is usually seen when a toddler has been sexually abused. Your toddler, after being potty trained, may suddenly start wetting his pants during the day. In addition, you may notice decrease in independence and verbal skills, and thumb sucking. Some toddlers may look for security by clinging on to a security item like a blanket they sleep with and will not give it up under any circumstances.
  • Fear: A toddler may suddenly become fearful. The fear can be general like not wanting to leave the mother or being afraid of the dark, or it can be of specific things like being afraid of women with long brown hair, or anything else that reminds the toddler of the offender.
  • Sexual Behavior: The biggest sign of sexual assault of toddlers is the sudden appearance of sexual behavior. This should immediately raise a red flag and you make an effort to find out what is going on.
  • Repeating Behavior: This is a sign of stress and can be an indication of sexual assault or sexual abuse. By repeating a behavior, the toddler will feel secure, especially when the repetition yields the same result.
  • Aggression: If you mild-mannered toddler suddenly becomes aggressive and angry towards other toddlers, adults and/or animals, it is time to sit up and take notice. Toddlers are not able to communicate effectively to tell parents what is wrong with them and this makes them frustrated and angry. In addition, it could be a sign of post traumatic stress disorder resulting from the sexual assault. Remember, one of the most common symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder is anger and rage in patients of all ages.
  • Change in Sleeping Habits: If your toddler refuses to sleep alone, cries hysterically when you are tucking him in or will not stay in his own bed, he may have been sexually abused and assaulted.

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Signs Of Sexual Assault In Toddlers

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