Teaching Children After Sexual Assault  

Everyone who has been sexually assaulted will react if he or she is reminded of the incident. The things that remind a person of an unpleasant incident are known as triggers and cause the person to experience the same feelings that he or she experienced during the unpleasant and traumatic incident.

The same is also true for children. However, very often even unrelated things can act as triggers where children are concerned. Children also react to triggers that remind them of the sexual assault and it can be a problem for the parents and teachers as they may not know how to handle the situation.

Teaching children after a sexual assault is no mean task and utmost care and sensitivity has to be adopted. Parents should encourage the child to speak about his or her feelings. In addition, they should also encourage the child to tell them what types of things trigger the traumatic memories so that both teachers and parents are equipped to handle the situation when a trigger is present.

A point to remember is that the behaviors demonstrated by children after a sexual assault will gradually lessen as children get back their sense of safety and control. The fear becomes less and this in turn will improve the behavior. That is why when teaching children after sexual assault one has to understand the important link between what the child is feeling and how he or she is behaving. This will give you an insight into what is happening in the child's mind and you can adapt the teaching methods accordingly.

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Teaching Children After Sexual Assault

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