Warning Signs Of A Sexual Assault Occurred  

Sexual assault or rape can be described as having sex or performing sex forcibly. It could have been done by a stranger or date or even a relative. Sexual assault of women is more prevalent but there are many cases of homosexual rape or child rape.

Warning Signs of a Sexual Assault:

The warning signs that a victim can experience after a sexual assault can be present after the incident or may appear after sometimes. Following are some common signs of sexual assault:

  • A victim of sexual assault generally experiences physical injuries including cuts and bruises, and also suffers injuries in the vagina and rectum. After 2-3 days, the victim may suffer muscle pain and bruises.
  • Sexual assault victims experience negative feeling such as guilt, anger and disgust. They may also react in many different ways such as laughing, afraid of being alone, shivering, stress, depression etc.
  • Many rape victims avoid sex with their partners or are afraid of sex. They also have difficulty in being aroused. They emotionally distance themselves during sex with their partners.
  • There are many false beliefs about sex commonly experienced by victims of sexual assault. Victims may experience disturbing sexual thoughts and images and may engage in inappropriate or compulsive sexual behaviors.
  • Female victims experience vaginal pain or difficulty during orgasms whereas male sexual assault victims experience difficulties in penile ejaculations or may experience erectile difficulties. 
It is very important to consult a doctor in such conditions. The doctor will examine you and see if there are any injuries. He will take samples of the fluids inside your vagina or rectum. Samples of urine may also be taken. Most victims are given antibiotic medicines against any infection from the assailant. Some doctors may give medicines to women to avoid pregnancy.

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Warning Signs Of A Sexual Assault Occurred

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Warning Signs Of A Sexual Assault Occurred )
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