Cause Of Shoplifting  

Shoplifting is synonymous to stealing but occurs specifically in shops and not in a domestic environment. People of any age group can quietly steal an object from a shop and get away without being noticed. In numerous cases, the guilty are caught and punished under law. It is not a very serious offence but can turn to be quite irritating for sharpeners to deal with shoppers on a frequent basis.

Most people do it just for the fun of it. While few swear that the amount of fun involved in stealing something and not being caught gives them an adrenaline high making them look and feel “cool”, others commit the mistake due to lack of self esteem. A large percentage of shoplifters have exhibited depression or depressive symptoms, making this one of the main reasons for shoplifting.

Some people feel shoplifting is their means of regaining something they lost. They feel rewarded and satisfied when they think about inflicting the same kind of loss to the other person and are content with their activities. In worst-case scenarios, shoplifting becomes addictive.

Depression leads people to react in different ways. While some may become reclusive, others will do activities that get their adrenaline pumping. This creates an indirect reaction in the brain making the person feel excited and temporarily making the person forget about his/her worries or stress in life.

A difficult family situation, divorce, loss of loved ones or being neglected by the society are other causes for shoplifting. The above causes point to the fact that shoplifting is more of a behavioral and attitude problem rather than a case of theft or robbery.

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Cause Of Shoplifting

Consequences-For-Shoplifting      It is believed that at least 90 percent of Americans have shoplifted at some point of time in their lives. The seriousness of the crime depends on the market value of the product that has been stolen. If the item costs less than $500, the offence is considered a minor crime. If the item costs more than $500, the offender can be charged under a more serious felony crime. The country experiences a whopping 16 million dollars loss every year because of shoplifting. More..




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