How Much Does Telemarketing Fraud Cost The Public Each Year ?  

      How many of us feel irritated when we receive unwanted calls from some marketing company and receive unwanted information. When the phone rings, most people expect to hear their near and dear ones calling. However, when it turns out to be a telemarketer, it becomes extremely frustrating to answer hundreds of their questions.More...



Protect Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud

Protect Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud           As an individual it is your responsibility to protect yourself from any kind of fraud or getting cheated. If you are vulnerable, then you will get cheated. So, one should constantly increase their awareness to the newer types of fraud that are taking place, and also keep updated on how to protect themselves. Seniors and older people are most susceptible to telemarketing and Internet frauds. One of the main reasons is that they are not completely aware of they types of fraud.More...


Federal Guidelines For Telemarketing Fraud

Consequences For Telemarketing Fraud

        It is a known fact that when a person sends money to someone he or she does not know or gives out his or her financial information on the telephone to telemarketers, the person's chances of being a victim of telemarketing fraud increase.And once the fraud occurs, it becomes very difficult to get back the money unless the person is taken to court.More...


Consequences For Telemarketing Fraud

Consequences For Telemarketing Fraud

In order to understand telemarketing fraud and the consequences of telemarketing fraud, you must first know what is telemarketing. According to the US law, telemarketing is a marketing campaign that tempts a consumer to purchase goods or services, to take part in a contest or to use one or more interstate telephone calls. From this stems telemarketing fraud, which is a scheme to defraud people.More...


Telemarketing Fraud Sentence

Telemarketing Fraud Sentence

There are many different types of telemarketing fraud and when it comes to prosecuting these frauds, it comes under the purview of the Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Association of Attorneys General, Consumer Future Trading Commission and many other government agencies. All these agencies have to work together in order to ensure that the offenders and culprits are prosecuted.More...

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Who created telemarketing fraud ? - Consequences for telemarketing fraud

Reporting-Telemarketing-Fraud      Everyone who has a cell phone or a telephone is susceptible to telemarketing fraud. People, who are unaware of such a fraud, are the most susceptible to it. The best thing you can do to avoid it is to be prepared and completely aware of such frauds. More..




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Who created telemarketing fraud ? - Consequences for telemarketing fraud )
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