Examples Of White Collar Crimes  

White collar crimes are the kind of crimes that are committed by business people, entrepreneurs, public officials, including politicians, and also professionals. It can be anything like deception, cheating, and embezzlement of funds or cheating. It does not involve any violence or crime like street based crimes. Nevertheless, white collar crimes can hurt people and their trust by and large. It also means cheating people of their hard earned money.

Most of the white collar crimes involve cheating people of their money and they are often financial transactions. However, there is no limit as to how much funds can be embezzled or how people can be cheated. For example, collecting money from people for deposits and then closing down the institution and running away to another country with the money is also a kind of white collar crime.

White collar crime is punishable by the legal system and mostly people have to go to prison if caught. Not paying taxes is also a crime and comes under the white collar crimes. People who commit such crimes do with complete knowledge and also they are the educated class of people. In business, misleading your consumers or customers is a kind of white collar crime.

The penalty charges can run very high under white collar crimes because they involve insurance frauds and bank frauds for example. When people are cheated for medical services, finances or misled into buying something that does not perform it is a white collar crime. If the perpetrator is sued, then the penalties for the crime can run very high.

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Examples Of White Collar Crimes

Famous-White-Collar-Crimes      White collar crimes are the non violent crimes, and actually are performed by the educated class who hold high positions in offices and businesses. They are different from the blue collar crimes or street crimes because of the lack of violence and threats. White collar crimes mainly violate the trust of people, and also mostly involve embezzlement of funds or concealment of records that are valuable. More..




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Examples Of White Collar Crimes )
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