Is Ambien A Controlled Substance ?  

The U. S. government passed the CSA in 1970. It is a federal policy for medicines prescribed and used in the USA. It regulates manufacture, marketing, importation, possession, distribution, and utilization of some substances. It has also served as the implementing legislation of the nation for SCND. Controlled substances are those that are considered to be potentially harmful and addictive. These drugs are categorized in Schedules according to their potential abuse levels.

Ambien is considered to be a Z-drug. It contains benzodiazepine, which is classified in the Schedule IV. The criteria for the Schedule IV are:

  • Any substance or medicine with a lower potential for drug abuse as compared to substances and drugs listed on the schedule III.
  • Any substance or drug that has been accepted currently for use for treatments in USA.
  • Drug abuse might result in inadequate physical or psychological reliance in relation to the medicines mentioned in the schedule III.

Measures of control are the same as those for Schedule III. Apart from when dispensed by practitioners directly to the final consumer, none among the various controlled substances listed in Schedules III and IV (prescription medicines as ascertained by the FFDCA-Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act) can be dispensed to the user without an oral or a written prescription. This complies with section 503(b) of the aforesaid Act [21 U.S.C. 353 (b)]. Drugs of Schedule IV can be refilled not over 5 times in the duration of six months, if prescribed.

Thus though the drug induces hallucinations and delusions, the damage is not considered to be potentially very threatening to the user. However, one cannot dismiss the fact that too much of any drug can lead to substance abuse. Intentional or unintentional overdoses will be potentially dangerous for even the healthiest of people.

Dangerous And Defective Products
- Accutane - Benzene - Prozac
- Acetaminophen - Celexa - Tamiflu
- Ambien - Chewing Tobacco - Teflon
- Aredia - Mirapex - Zoloft
- Avandia - Paxil  

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Is Ambien A Controlled Substance

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Is Ambien A Controlled Substance ? )
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