What Medicaid Pays For ?  

Medicaid is a long term health care program run by individual states with some financial assistance from the federal government.

Medicaid guidelines and its eligibility criteria considerably vary from state to state. Medicaid’s main objective is to provide long term health and custodial care to underprivileged people in the US.Medicaid is a wonderful scheme to provide medical assistance to needy people. However, the skyrocketing costs of long term medical care are draining Medicaid of its precious resources. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicaid paid for almost 40 percent of the annual long term care and custodial care in the US.

Although Medicaid will pay for long term or custodial care, there are several limitations on the qualification for assistance. First of all Medicaid is a package designed to help underprivileged people. In order to qualify for the services through Medicaid, the individual must fall in the group of categorically needy people.

The rising prices of long term medical care are putting extensive pressure on state run Medicaid program. Hence, much is to be done to help make sure that this program survives, and fulfill its objective of providing quality health care to the low-income people who have minimal financial resources.

Various efforts have been made both at the state level and federal level to limit eligibility, control health care providers fee, and curtail the services covered under Medicaid, but the program costs remain the major concern. As a result, both the state and federal governments in the US are encouraging most Americans to take the responsibility for their own future long term medical care.

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What Medicaid Pays For

Who-Is-Eligible-For-Medicaid      Medicaid is the largest health care program designed jointly by the federal and state governments to provide quality medical aid to low-income families and their children who do not have access to costly medical treatment. It also covers categorically needy people, and certain individuals who fall below the state and federal poverty line. It covers hospital and physician’s visits, prenatal and postnatal care, ICU charges, drugs, pathological services, MRI and CT scan services, and other treatments. More..




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What Medicaid Pays For ? )
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