Laws Protecting Working Woman  

       Women workers have played an import role in the development of United States and strengthening its economy. Working women have successfully managed to overcome constant tensions and mental worries normally associated with multitasking. Working women have not only faced the challenges of globalization successfully but they have also managed the difficulties arising from juggling a professional career and a home life. .


        Women are increasingly seen participating in almost all the fields of economy starting from playing central roles in union movements at industry levels to working in very difficult working conditions like piloting a fighter jet in a battle field.

        Many federal laws have been passed for improving the economic status of working women. Laws have been enacted for preventing abuses like the sexual harassment and discrimination. Laws have also been enacted to ensure “equal pay for equal work” by the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination against women by any company or employer. All economic, legal, political and educational institutions are analyzed and asked by the government to show how they are maintaining   equality for women in respect of reasonable working conditions, pay package and other service requirements.

        But there are still areas where enough laws have not been enacted. The lawmakers should take into consideration the dual role a working woman has to play at the work place and at home. Women make significant contribution to the development of the society by working and rearing a family. So, any law whenever it is made concerning the working woman should take into consideration the societal requirements, family and gender implications and a genuine concern for the working woman.





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Laws Protecting Working Woman )
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