Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution  

Industrial revolution is one of the most important phases in the history of Europe and of the world this period marked the beginning of the use of machinery to get large scale and commercial jobs done. Factories and industries were setting up everywhere. Naturally the need of workers also arose.

However, to save money, the employers at that time decided to recruit children to do most of the factory tasks. But his was a dangerous decision, which went on to become a cult of that time. The machineries were all big and powerful and were run under hazardous conditions. The children were made to all sorts of odd jobs like picking up loose cotton from below the machines and looking for broken threads, all while the machines were running in full fledge.

The work hours of the child laborers during the Industrial Revolution were also alarming. Generally, they were asked to come in as early as 5 am and work till 10 pm. They were also not allowed to wear any watches, so that they would not know the passage of time. They clock in the factories were also kept ahead of its time in the morning and behind time at nights to keep the children there for longer hours. But, the most disturbing thing was that all the children knew about this fact, but no one protested for the fear of being punished badly. They were, anyway severely reprimanded for turning up late for work, even by a few minutes.

The conditions the children were forced to work during the industrialization period were also toxic to say the least. They had to inhale toxic and chemical fumes and gases in their work place and were subjected to loud noises of the machines which made the children hypersensitive and jumpy all the time. Backaches were also a common result of the tiresome manual work done by them.

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Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution

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Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution )
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