Child Labor In Nigeria  

Nigeria is one of the topmost countries of Africa involved in the child labor usage. This is mainly due to the acute financial and economic conditions of the general people there. This revelation was made by a paper-presentation of a lecturer named Alhaji Mohammed Osoki, in the Department of Social Development at the Nasarawa State Polytechnic Lafia. He stated that the failure or the total lack of the much-needed bonding between a mother and her child has led to such a scenario.

Child labor in Nigeria has stemmed out mainly from the parents who themselves were abused as children. Also acute emotional, cultural, social, economic and family deprivation; all went into child abuse by resorting to displacement, projection and scapegoating.

The number of children dropping out schools in Nigeria is also alarmingly high whose roots can be traced to children hawking for their parents. Hawking, particularly among female children are found to be cause behind many diseases like HIV/AIDS and Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF).

Child abuse in Nigeria has also brought in other problems like premature infancy, mental retardation, broken homes and families, drug addictions, unemployment, etc. the Federal, State and the Local Governments are being appealed to for introducing policies and reforms to bring about a change in the social as well as economic scene of Nigeria. They are also being asked to promote education, shelter, proper food and health among the children, in spite of their parents’ acute financial conditions.

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Child Labor In Nigeria

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