Facts About Child Labor Laws  

Child labor existed alongside the prevalence of slavery in the world history. However, it became a menace by the beginning of the Industrial Age in the 18th century. The growing number of factories and industries mushrooming all over the world prompted the need of work labor force. The children of that time were identified as cheap and economic labor force. Thus, they were employed in several types of factories to do all kinds of odd jobs that were not only tiring, but also detrimental to their health and wellbeing. They were paid very little wages also in exchange of such work.

The National Child Labor Committee in the year 1938 finally brought about what we know today as the Federal Standards Act. This act first puts up legal dos and don’ts, restricting employment of children in various industries. This law fixes the minimum age and the hours of work per week of a child. It also regularizes which field and industries a child is entitled to work and also under what conditions. Any breach in this law can cause Federal investigation.

The Child Labor Laws are designed to protect the children from getting abused either by their parents, who sometimes want to send their children to work due to poor economic conditions, or from the employers seeking cheap and economic labor. It also ensures that, along with the legal amount of work they can do, they are also left with time to go to school and receive education like anyone else. However, the hours allowed by the laws for working of the children may vary from state to state in America.

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Facts About Child Labor Laws

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