History Of Child Labor  

Child labor is actually entitling a child, underage to do the work of a fully grown worker as determined by the state laws. This is considered an exploitative practice in many countries and multinational companies.

The problem of child labor arose with the industrialization around the world. The children, as young as 5 or 6 years old were appointed to work under inhuman conditions in the factories and industries, for little wages. This would not have been much of a problem if the concepts and the need of education and schooling would not have been developed at that time. Before the age of Industrialization, children happily escorted their fathers to their profession. However, this does not mean that there were no accounts of child labor prior to Industrialization. Cases of child labor were found as early as year, 1780, when for the next 60 years, there had been a massive increase in children being employed for work full time.

From second half of 18th century, various countries, like the US, were trying to introduce various laws and reforms to curb this problem but with little success. Children working in mills, factories and farms continued to do their jobs. In fact, the entire families were made to work for over 72 hours per week in exchange of shelter in the villages owned by the company and goods produced by them.

It was not before the year 1904, with the introduction of the National Child Labor Committee that some serious actions were taken by any country. By 1907, the Congress chartered this committee. The people of this committee used to visit the concerned industries and ask the employers their about any violation of rules, while the children working there were whisked out of sight from them.

It was with the implementation of the Federal Wage and Hour Law, which is a part of the Fair Labor Standards Act, by the Congress in the year 1938 that finally put an end to this nuisance.

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History Of Child Labor

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International-Child-Labor-Statistics      Child labor is term that is used when a child under a particular age is employed, which is unlawful in almost every country. The predetermined age for defining a child labor differs in every country. Child labor is a phenomenon that is seen across the world and is considered both inhuman and exploitative by several international organizations. More..




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