Types Of Child Labor In China  

There are several children who lose their lives and get injured due to child labor. Children between the age of 5 and 14, work full time under hazardous working conditions. Although child labor continues to be a problem all over the world, 61 percent of the child labor is prevalent in Asia, most of which is concentrated in China.

The fact that many children have met with accidents resulting in injuries highlights the child labor problem in China. Though unwittingly, the United States is supporting the child labor in China as they continue buying products that are manufactured with the help of child labor.

In China, children try avoid school or escape their poverty by taking up jobs in factories. It is also speculated that even school children are made to work. They have to work in sweatshops, mainly in the export industries like garments, textiles, toys and fireworks. They work from ten to fourteen hours per day, and occasionally, have to work double shifts adding up to 24 hours a day so as to fulfill the demand for toys in the US during holidays and festive seasons.

The children, forced to child labor are abused both physically and mentally. They are paid less than what their daily expenses are and, thus, they do not have enough money for investing. They are stuck in a vicious circle that has no outlet for coming out. Even as the law prohibits the children aged under 16 from working, there is little that is done for enforcing the law. It is said that the children are abducted and sold to factories for a price of 500 Yuan (US$65) and a few times they get no earnings. The problem of child labor in China cannot be ignored.

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Types Of Child Labor In China

Labour Laws:

What-Were-The-Causes-Child-Labor      Some of the common causes for child labor are known to be poverty, illiteracy of the parents, apathy from the society, ignorance, lack of exposure and education, exploitation for cheap labor in unorganized labor. Practices of families for inculcating conventional skills in their children also plays a major role in inescapably pushing the children into child labor since they do not get any opportunity for learning anything else. More..




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