What Were The Causes Child Labor ?  

Some of the common causes for child labor are known to be poverty, illiteracy of the parents, apathy from the society, ignorance, lack of exposure and education, exploitation for cheap labor in unorganized labor. Practices of families for inculcating conventional skills in their children also plays a major role in inescapably pushing the children into child labor since they do not get any opportunity for learning anything else.

Lack of laws regarding compulsory education till primary level, ignorance of the parents about the ill consequences of child labor, the failure of laws concerning child labor in its implementation, non-accessibility or non-availability of schools, unpractical and boring curriculum in school also play a key role in encouraging child labor. In the absence of parental or any adult’s guidance, it becomes next to impossible for the innocent, little children to comprehend and organize themselves against the exploitations they have to suffer from.

The other 2 main causes for child labor are poverty and excessive population. Many a times, parents have no option than to send their children to work in hazardous situations, even after knowing it would be wrong for them to do. But, the dire need for money, food, clothing and shelter pushes the children into the world of child labor. In some places, over-population results in the scarcity of resources. With limited means and many people to survive, children are forced into commercial activities, wherein their development needs are also not fulfilled. This holds true for Asian as well as African countries.

Parents, who are ignorant and illiterate, fail to understand about the need for taking good care their child for their proper physical and mental development, which plays a key role in encouraging child labor.

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What Were The Causes Child Labor ?

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What Were The Causes Child Labor ? )
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