Affidavit For Employment Discrimination  

Employment discrimination means unfair employment practices such as discrimination in promotion, job assignment, termination, compensation and hiring. Most countries have laws that prohibit employers from discriminating an applicant or employee on the basis of color, religion, sex, and race, mental or physical disability and age.

If an applicant or employee believes that they have been unlawfully discriminated regarding employment rights such as compensation, promotion, and hiring, he or she may have to complete and return an affidavit to the state’s department of labor’s assistance. Most departments accept complaints of unlawful discrimination based on color, religion, race, age, disability, marital status, national origin.

It is very important to answer each question in the affidavit specifically and completely. If there is carelessness involved, and if the questionnaire or affidavit is incomplete, it will be returned for completion. This will result in delay. Most affidavits are available online in PDF format. Employees can take a printout of the form and after filling the form, return it to the department. Copies of any records or documents should also be attached to support the claims made by an employee. The records and documents should be submitted with the completed affidavit.

It depends on the department to decide whether the affidavit and the attached documents supporting your claims have a legal basis. If the department does not have a legal basis to proceed, it will notify the applicant in writing and request to provide any further information. If it has a legal basis to proceed, the department will generate a formal charge. A copy of the formal charged will be mailed to the applicant for signature and then it has to be returned to the department of labor. The department will dual-file the complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after receiving the signed charge from the employee.  It is also important that the affidavit meets federal jurisdiction.

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Affidavit For Employment Discrimination

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