Case Studies Of Workplace Discrimination  

Discrimination at work could arise either from the employer or colleague. New employees can face discrimination from the colleagues. They might be subjected to sarcastic stares or regular digs aimed at them from their colleagues in the initial few days. But, if it continues for a long enough, it affects both the employee and the employer. Discrimination at work can arise from the employer especially when an employee is known to be suffering from a dreadful, communicable disease. Here are a couple of case studies regarding the discrimination at work.

Case 1 – A married man of 23 years in Cape Town was employed as a temporary assistant constable for 4 years with the South African Police. He was suggested that to be employed permanently, he was required to join training at the Police Training College, which entailed him to pay for an HIV test. However, when the test came out to be positive for HIV, he was told that he would have to give up his uniformed job for a civilian job of a gardener. Even the letter obtained from his personal physician affirming that he was medically fit to work in the Police department was ignored.

Case 2 – A single mother aged 22 was dismissed from her job from the fast food joint she had been working for a year. Weeks before her dismissal, every employee had to mandatorily go through a test for detecting tuberculosis. The consent form did not have any mention that the blood from the lady would also be tested for HIV. The woman, though, passed negatively in the tuberculosis test, passed positively for the HIV test. Her employer maintained that he could not let the woman continue her services, as it was not safe for people infected with HIV to handle food.

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Case Studies Of Workplace Discrimination

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Definition-Of-Workplace-Discrimination      Has it ever happened to you that you were asked to keep yourself out from a project just because you belonged or did not belong to a particular race or religion? Have you ever felt you were underpaid considering your gender or have you been denied of a promotion you deserved but lost out due to your religion? In the modern day, these questions sound vague, but a deeper look into the world reveals that there are several people who face some or the other kind of discrimination at work. More..




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