Definition Of Workplace Discrimination  

Has it ever happened to you that you were asked to keep yourself out from a project just because you belonged or did not belong to a particular race or religion? Have you ever felt you were underpaid considering your gender or have you been denied of a promotion you deserved but lost out due to your religion? In the modern day, these questions sound vague, but a deeper look into the world reveals that there are several people who face some or the other kind of discrimination at work.

As per the Oxford dictionary, discrimination roughly sums up as an unfair treatment meted out against a person or a group of individuals, on the basis of prejudice. Differentiating individuals on the basis of particular characteristics or grounds like age, gender, race or religion amounts to discrimination.

Apart from the basis on which discrimination can take place at work, newer kinds of biases that are quite subtle and are less visible such as disability, migration, genetic disposition, dreadful, communicable diseases like HIV/ AIDS, age, sexual orientation and lifestyle are frequently coming into the picture. Almost all of the professionals, right from a sales person to an engineer, have been through discrimination at work. They have real stories to tell like how they have been humiliated by their colleagues and also their bosses, how female employees have endured their male colleagues attempts to limit her success at work, how some people have endured racial discrimination or discrimination based on their religion, how some people have been harassed and judged on their abilities from their personality etc.

Discrimination at work is a serious matter concerning the organizations all through the world.

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Definition Of Workplace Discrimination

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Discrimination-In-The-Workplace-Examples      Discrimination at workplace can occur in different ways. Previously, discrimination at workplace was heard based on the grounds of race or gender. These are quite prevalent even today as some men do not like the idea of having a woman boss or should not be a part of a team comprising of men, since their ego gets hurt in the process. More..




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