Discrimination In The Workplace Examples  

Discrimination at workplace can occur in different ways. Previously, discrimination at workplace was heard based on the grounds of race or gender. These are quite prevalent even today as some men do not like the idea of having a woman boss or should not be a part of a team comprising of men, since their ego gets hurt in the process.

In today’s times, discrimination also takes place simply because a person may not know a few “right” people or does not have a “cool” quotient about him or her. It sometimes, works like the discrimination one faces in high school. A group panel, looking to recruit for a vacancy might decide already who to select before they care to go through the rest of the applicants, who may be more talented than the “cool and smart” guy they have just selected.

As the diversity in today’s workplace goes broad, even the scope of discrimination within the organization grows. Discrimination based on age is something that one gets to see quite often in today’s times and it becomes difficult for enforcing equity laws. Age discrimination might happen for 2 reasons. Firstly, as they age by, they may start losing some skills, which might make them less employable. Secondly, having gained more experience at the same place, they might turn to be a more expensive option. It is for these reasons that managers or business owners might want to replace their older employees. Even though, they might be motivated with age for getting rid of their older employees, they look for other reasons like outsourcing, downsizing etc. They would not fire their employees but lay them off. This not only saves them money but also enables them to escape the discrimination laws.

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Discrimination In The Workplace Examples

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Muslim-Discrimination-In-The-Workplace      A restaurant manager, originally from Morocco, an Armenian caterer, originally from Syria, and a Yemeni sailor are not Muslims by religion and they come from different countries. But, all of the three people say that they have faced discrimination at work post 11th September 2001 either because of their origin with regards to their home country or due to the perceptions that they were Muslims. They have now filed complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), representing the growing discrimination against the people with South Asian and Middle Eastern descent, as per the advocacy groups. More..




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