Muslim Discrimination In The Workplace  

A restaurant manager, originally from Morocco, an Armenian caterer, originally from Syria, and a Yemeni sailor are not Muslims by religion and they come from different countries. But, all of the three people say that they have faced discrimination at work post 11th September 2001 either because of their origin with regards to their home country or due to the perceptions that they were Muslims. They have now filed complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), representing the growing discrimination against the people with South Asian and Middle Eastern descent, as per the advocacy groups.

Abdellatif Hadji, who came from Morocco to US back in 1989, says that it would not have happened in the times he had come here and believes that America is a land of opportunities. He has recently filed an EEOC suit in response to the discrimination on grounds or religion against the restaurant, where he was working in the capacity of a manager.

There were widespread reports about the discrimination that was meted out to people who were perceived as Muslims or Arabs post the attack on the Twin Towers. But, few advocates state that they have seen revival of such cases last year, corresponding to some events in the global politics.

Post 9/11, the EEOC had put forward a category in employment discrimination, in which discrimination against people who were perceived as Arabs, Muslims, South Asian, Middle Eastern or Sikh were included. Nationwide statistics shared by the EEOC show that such complaints, which were more than 1,000, kept on decreasing every year and now is less compared to the statistics back in 2002.

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Muslim Discrimination In The Workplace

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Muslim Discrimination In The Workplace )
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