Types Of Discrimination In The Workplace  

Workplace discrimination has been taking place since long. It simply means any kind of biased treatment towards a particular person or employee. The discrimination can be divided into various forms namely racial, age, gender, disability and others. You should be aware that any company consisting of more than 15 members need to follow the anti-discrimination policy.

Firstly, as per the Civil Rights Act 1964, racial discrimination is considered illegal. The practice is so common and employers have always refused good candidates, terminated hard working employees, rejected bonuses as well as perks. Mostly, employers do prefer women over men and again a deserving person has to pay for it. Women and men are both required to be paid the same amount of money for services rendered. Most employers do ask women to resign as soon as they get married or once they have kids. All these things are so common and is definitely a major issue pertaining to discrimination.

Middle aged and older persons have always faced the problem of getting terminated well before their term period. Even young employees who possess the necessary skill do not get paid according to their skills. Companies also hire people who are either young and avoid hiring older men. Most often people who are hard-working do not get promoted because of their age. Lastly, people with disabilities face discrimination at every corner. Most employers do not hire such individuals. Efforts are being made by most companies to hire such persons as they too have the right to show their skills.

Other few forms of discrimination relates to gays, transgender and lesbians who do find it difficult to get a job. Sometimes looks, appearance, physical appearances do come into picture. We as responsible citizens need to fight off this discrimination by creating awareness amongst employers.

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Types Of Discrimination In The Workplace

Labour Laws:

Case-Studies-Of-Workplace-Discrimination      Discrimination at work could arise either from the employer or colleague. New employees can face discrimination from the colleagues. They might be subjected to sarcastic stares or regular digs aimed at them from their colleagues in the initial few days. But, if it continues for a long enough, it affects both the employee and the employer. Discrimination at work can arise from the employer especially when an employee is known to be suffering from a dreadful, communicable disease. Here are a couple of case studies regarding the discrimination at work. More..




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