Do Convicted Murderers And Rapists Have Employment Rights ?   

Most of the American legal establishments staunchly support hiring rights of criminals.

A few years ago, the Wisconsin state bar opposed the effort to give more freedom to employers who considered records. The federal Equal Employment Opportunity commission considers it unlawful if an employer turns away persons convicted or charged with serious crimes like murder or rape.

Connecticut law declares that a person is not disqualified from state employment only because of prior conviction in crime. But the state can deny employment if the person is found unsuitable for a particular job after considering the time elapsed since the conviction or release, the nature of the crime and the degree of rehabilitation (CGS § 46a-80).   

In case of private employment, it is permissible to ask job applicants for indicating whether they have been convicted of a crime. But, as per Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it restricts the employer to use criminal background information in the hiring process.

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EOC) is a federal agency that enforces Title VII. The EOC declares that employment discrimination also occurs when the employer disqualifies an individual who has been convicted. It is discriminatory because the practice affects African American and Hispanic men.

There has been repeated ruling by the EEOC on this issue. The EEOC has ruled that covered employers simply cannot disqualify felons from consideration. But employers must show that a convicted job applicant has been disqualified and the disqualification is justified by “business necessity”. Employers can consider the number of offenses and the circumstances of offenses for disqualification.

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Do Convicted Murderers And Rapists Have Employment Rights

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