Employment Rights For The Disabled  

Discrimination on the grounds of disability in a hiring process or on a work space can take several different forms.

Some employers use pre-employment health screening to identify whether a job applicant is suffering from any disability and then refuse job resume or application. Others deny promotion, training and any kind of fringe benefits to employees with disabilities.

There are also many instances where the employers harasses, discharge, or downgrade employees if he learns of an existence of disability.

But a person with disability should not lose heart as there are significant legal rights for people with disabilities and they have the right to live free from any discrimination in employment.

If an employer discriminates a job applicant or employee on the grounds of disability, then his or her actions are prohibited by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Oregon law also rules it illegal to discriminate an employee on the basis of disability. Under the ADA and the Oregon law, it is illegal to discriminate against physically or mentally disabled individuals. Mentally disabled individuals also include individuals suffering from migraine. The ADA also protect an individual with a past disability record. Applicants or employees who have been mistakenly believed as disabled by employers are also protected by ADA and Oregon law.

Even federal and state law prohibits employment discrimination on the grounds of disability. These laws prohibit employers from refusing to promote or hire disabled people. Federal and state laws also require employers to make changes to their workplace or company policies that will provide disabled employees a safe and efficient atmosphere to perform their jobs.

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Employment Rights For The Disabled

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