What Is International Labour Law ?  

International labor law is a set of rules designed in a way that would simplify and justify legal formalities among different sovereign states. The International Labor Organization is one of the governing bodies that discuss work and legality. It brings forward a set of rules and guidelines which are very important for a standard conduct. These are definitely legal rules which have been set by authoritative officials and can be enforced by external sanctions.

International law or public law is certainly different from that of a private international law. Private international law mainly deals with conflicts occurring in between municipal laws of several countries. It also forms a major contrast to the national law. This law is also valid between countries that have a fixed regulation on conducts of individuals. It can be bilateral, regional or universal. There has always been some duplication between regional and universal law and the practical value offers standards designed according to worldwide standards.

International agreements are also formed on the basis of laws prevailing out of decisions made among different states on international law. These agreements are built on different style and forms that are mostly regulated by the law of treaties, another section of customary international law. Treaties are instruments apart from memorandum of agreement, agreed minute, modus vivendi, protocol, convention, agreement, general act, pact, charter, statue and concordat.

The first action towards the international law took place in the early 19th century. Robert Owen, Blanqui and Villerme were the first precursors who established the very concept of international labor law. The legal protection of workers in Basle was formed and established by government in Brussels. In 1944, the Philadelphia Declaration was also adopted after World War II. The declaration also states or affirms human beings be respected irrespective of creed, sex and caste.

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What Is International Labour Law ?

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