Wrongful Termination Lawsuits Against Target Corporation  

A company or organization suffers unreasonable burden in its day-to-day activities of business because of a wrongful termination lawsuit. It not only affects productivity and incurs legal costs but also affects other employees’ morale. It is very important to protect one’s company from such a lawsuit.

Take the example of Lincoln Tile Co. case which occurred a few years ago. The company fired an employee for insubordination after repeated written and oral warnings. The employee claimed that he had been terminated with no apparent cause and filed a complaint with the state department of labor. He demanded that the company must pay him full unemployment benefits. The company carelessly thought that it was a simple case, but to their disappointment, the Department of Labor agreed with the employee. Lincoln Tile suffered $10,000 worth of losses in legal fees and increased insurance premiums. The reason for favoring the employee was that the company had no written policy for such insubordination as a cause for termination. 

It is very important for the organization to familiarize with the state or federal laws that defines “wrongful termination”. The company should also review the at-will employment laws to avoid a lawsuit for wrongful termination. A very important step is to document all disciplinary actions against an employee through a written statement and have the employee sign and date each incident. Keep all information in the company’s employee file with a copy sent to the employee.

The company should also check with its legal department and review any case with them before deciding to terminate the employee. It is always advised to discuss the facts of the case and determine whether the dismissal will be legal or wrongful. This surely will reduce any chance of wrongful termination lawsuit.

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Wrongful Termination Lawsuits Against Target Corporation

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