Adoption And Alimony Support  

Adoption is a legally established a parent-child relationship between individuals who are not related biologically. Adoption involves the creation of relation of parent and child between individuals who are not naturally or biologically related.

Adoption also involves a lifelong commitment to provide a child with a loving and stable home. A permanent family and stable home is vital for child’s overall development. Traditionally its goal was to create male heirs to childless couples in order to preserve family lines and tradition but with the passage of time adoption became a common practice in all cultures and society.

The adopted child is given the rights, privileges and duties of a child by the adoptive family through a legal process. This practice is ancient and occurs in all cultures. However, the purpose of adoption and laws regarding adoption vary greatly. All cultures make some form of arrangements so that orphans can be adopted easily and brought up by others. Often the parent adopting child requires legal assistance of an experienced domestic lawyer to ensure that all legal requirements of adoption are met. As the adoption laws vary from state to state it is equally important to select lawyer from your state who is familiar with state’s legal procedure.

Alimony support:

Alimony support or spousal support is economical assistance given by one spouse to other spouse after divorce, which was financially dependent on the former during the term of marriage. Alimony support is different from child support. The purpose to provide alimony support is to avoid any unfair economic crisis which a spouse may face immediately after the divorce. The common questions cropped up while providing alimony support is how much to provide and how long to provide as also as there are no guidelines for judges to follow in awarding alimony, an attorney may have a tough time while awarding alimony in any specific case. Alimony laws differ from state to state however there are few general guidelines a judge considers while granting alimony support.

Alimony supports are based upon the need of the requesting spouse for financial support to maintain the spouse customary standard of living before or during the marriage, and the ability of other spouse to pay.

Some other factor such as their respective age and physical and emotional health, the duration of the marriage whether the marriage was of short duration or long duration whether the spouses are self employed or not and common property involved is also taken into consideration.

Alimony can also be modified or totally terminated if the spouse has become financially independent or if she gets remarried. Termination of alimony also takes place with the death of payee or the recipient spouse.

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Adoption And Alimony Support

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