Moving Out Of State And Not Paying Alimony  

As laws regarding alimony differ from state to state, many spouses believe that payer spouse or recipient’s spouse relocation is their way out of the alimony obligation. But alimony cannot be stopped on the grounds that the receiving spouse or payer spouse has move to some other location.

It may be possible that it could be stopped for other related factors such as if the recipient spouse gets remarried or she get a job which pays her enough that she no longer require alimony support. Typically any decree that is ordered by the court is binding on the payer spouse unless the court formally amends or reverses its decision. If your child’s parent has left the country in which he owes child support or alimony and has moved to some other country, the recipient spouse can still enforce the order in foreign countries. If there is no federal agreement with the country, then a child support agreement can only be enforced by a local tribunal. Let your attorney check the state laws to see if the state has established an agreement with that country.

A domestic affairs attorney will be able to guide you through the process of enforcing child support agreement, dealing with the government agencies, and possibly dealing with the foreign agencies as well. This means that divorce decrees are binding court orders and the payer spouse has a legal obligation to abide by them so long they are in effect irrespective of the location. If the receiving spouse or payee spouse moves from one location to another, the payer spouse cannot run away from his responsibility as the court has legally ordered him to do so.

The bottom line is that once ordered by the court, a person cannot simply changed his mind and run away from alimony obligation If the payee spouse refuses to abide by the court orders the child support enforcement agencies may confiscate his passport or even seal his bank account.

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Moving Out Of State And Not Paying Alimony

What-Is-Fair-Alimony      Alimony is one of the most volatile issues in divorce settlement, even more complicated than the custodial disputes. One reason that alimony causes so much trouble is there are no practical guidelines for lawyers and judges to follow. Apart from this alimony laws vary from state to state and each case varies from other. Thus, there is very little consistency in alimony settlement and most cases end up in spousal conflict. More..




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Moving Out Of State And Not Paying Alimony )
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