Who Qualifies For Alimony ?  

Most people consider alimony as a payment done by the husband to his wife however it is a spousal support applicable for both husband and wife. A number of factors are evaluated before awarding alimony. The length of marriage is one of the most important factors which determine whether alimony would be temporary or permanent.

Usually if a marriage lasts less than three years, the spouse is not considered for alimony. Reason being that three years is quite a short time to invest too much in a marriage or allocate property.

Income is the second biggest factor for determining alimony. The judges try to figure out the income imbalance between the two and accordingly lower income spouse becomes favorable for receiving alimony. The court tries to ensure that both spouses continue the similar standard of living as they were enjoying while being married. In order to make the spouse self supporting, the court anticipates the likelihood of employment of the spouse and consequently the one with lesser hopes is being supported through training and education till they achieve same standards. If health or age is the reason, then court might award alimony for lifetime.

Guardianship is the next factor for qualifying alimony. The main caregiver of the children has to usually sacrifice higher income opportunities thus resulting in income imbalance. At the same time if the spouse is capable of earning the same or higher so that he or she is able to continue the same standard of living, then alimony could be withdrawn. If the spouse receives a major chunk of property through marriage, then the amount of alimony would certainly come down.

Lastly, many states believe the spousal behavior as an important consideration, depending on whose fault resulted in the breakdown of marriage the court decides who will actually qualify for alimony.

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