What Is Fair Alimony ?   

          Alimony is one of the most volatile issues in divorce settlement, even more complicated than the custodial disputes. One reason that alimony causes so much trouble is there are no practical guidelines for lawyers and judges to follow.

Apart from this alimony laws vary from state to state and each case varies from other. Thus, there is very little consistency in alimony settlement and most cases end up in spousal conflict. More...


Alimony Guidelines

Alimony Guidelines

Conventionally an absolute divorce was possible but most of the seekers evaded it due to the intervention of senate therefore normally seekers approached religious courts for separation from spouse. The idea of alimony came into existence once the Senate started granting religious courts the rights to award an absolute divorce.More...


Who Qualifies For Alimony ?

Who Qualifies For Alimony

Most people consider alimony as a payment done by the husband to his wife however it is a spousal support applicable for both husband and wife. A number of factors are evaluated before awarding alimony. The length of marriage is one of the most important factors which determine whether alimony would be temporary or permanent.More...


How Is Alimony Calculated ?

How Is Alimony Calculated

There is no specific formula using which alimony can be calculated. American Law Institute commission studied various approaches used in various jurisdictions and arrived at certain recommendations. The commission recognized that the amount finally calculated would not be same for all parties because of the varied factors. However, the two unique factors which are common in all marriages are -- the duration of marriage and the income of the alimony seekers.More...


Average Alimony Statistic

Average Alimony Statistic

It is very difficult to gather average alimony statistics in the US because the census figure does not include this. Many surveys have revealed that the figures have increased considerably from early 1990s. Few surveys done since then say that roughly 450,000 people get payments in the form of alimony in the US.More...





Adoption And Alimony Support - Divorce With Alimony - What Is Fair Alimony

Does-Retirement-End-Alimony      Does retirement end alimony? The immediate answer to this question is “not necessarily”. Many spouses believe that retirement is their way out of the alimony obligation.  The retirement of the spouse may be sufficient grounds to constitute a “change in circumstance” to reduce or terminate alimony. However, it must be noted that retirement alone is not an automatic ground to terminate alimony. More..




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