Annulment Cost  

The annulment costs are less than the divorce cases. Urban areas are liable to be costlier. The maximum expenditure incurred in filing a petition in the court could be anywhere from $200 to $1,000. The cases which needs to be expedited an additional $25 is needed.

People have unnecessary established myths that annulment is a costly affair and requires thousands of dollars. Actually speaking even if one utilizes various medical and psychological evidences and appeals in different levels of religious courts, the expenses can never be more than few thousand dollars.

In the Catholic Church, the expenses could be roughly around $500. One good thing about religious annulment is that it never turns down a request due to lack of cash. Depending on the reliability of the case many a times the church pays off the expenses.

The grounds for seeking annulment in a church are same as in a court. Apart from court fees some additional expenses could be incurred for accumulation of documents supporting the grounds of annulment or paying off to witnesses to provide evidences.

Once annulment is agreed by the court if there are issues like child custody or property distribution as in long term marriages these are to be battled separately and may require additional costs for paying fees to tribunal and the fees of the lawyer. The process of annulment normally takes a year to settle. Sometimes it may happen that the cases involving fraud or deception require some substantial evidences. In such circumstances, the case can get delayed, and as long as the case lingers on, the expenses are expected to occur. However, at any point of time it would not exceed more than few thousands of dollar.

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